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Last update: 21/02/2005, v2.0

INSIDE DMOZ - the return!!

"back like a bad smell!"
Mon 21/2 :: Live Again
After the 'unfortunate' suspension of the site on Yahoo we have had to relocate to a range of servers just to ensure that the site can stay available.
We are pleased to confirm that even though the former site was taken down we still have various editor login available. Your bids can still be made in the forum.
:. We are back!

After the decision by Yahoo to suspend the hosting that housed the former site we have now been forced to reconsider how we go about our 'promotional' services.


We have placed many mirrors of this site on many servers in the hope that we can at least keep one live at a time.


Keep an eye on some of the common webmaster forums to find out where the latest copy lives!

Phantom !


:. What do we do? || About Inside DMOZ

Inside DMOZ simply aims to be able to provide a means for non-editors to be able to take a peek behind closed doors.


We have available many editor logins that we 'auction' to the highest bidder. These logins are a means to have access to both the editors internal forum and the editor notes that may be added to URL's.


Are you repeatedly being turned down by DMOZ and think that your editor notes may explain why? If so then the login may just be right for you!!


:. What do I get || What we provide you with

We simply privide you with a login name (editor name) and the password. The editor logins are for very small editor accounts that are for very small categories. None the less you will still have full access to the standard editor forum and you will easily be able to see the notes that have been added to URL's.


The editor accounts are for categories that are low down the hieracy so do not be under any impression that you will all of a sudden be able to list your own site - you won't. What you will have however is access to the information that is on the URL behind the scenes.


The editor name and password that we provide will be unique to you and we will not make it available to anyone else and it will not be shared by us. Once issued it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not get found out and that the genuine editors do not find out how you managed to 'get in'.



:. Is this allowed

Ummm.. No!! ODP Guidelines state that an editor login is only intended for the person who aplied and as you would not have applied you should not have the details. Therefore if you get found out the login will be deleted by them.


You should be very careful not to tell people about your access so as not to risk being found out. Once gone the account is useless and we cannot help.